April 08, 2019

Wapkiz PHP Style PagalWorld.Io Template Free Installation Guide

Wapkiz New Template Free Installation Guide, PagalWorld.Io 

Good day to you friendsn Today I want share this latest template with you hope you will read this post carefully and learn how to upload or setup your template easily.

Wapkiz is a wapsite builder, Every one who is reading this post already knew it. Many peoples likes to have blog, wapsite or forum in wapkiz but due to lack of coding knowledge they are always failing to do so.

Wapkiz is good wapsite builder with amazing features which are unbelievable, When I started with wapkiz last month I found it non user-friendly until those day when I started design this powerful download site

Today I learned a lot on wapkiz, me too I want teach you all what I know about wapkiz.

Did you ever heard about pagalworld?, that powerful php style website and it's not hosted on wapkiz, Me today am with it's template all you have to do is install it after you follow steps and instructions you will achieve.

Before I go further you better check wayesuloaded first to see how powerful pagal world php style website works like heck

I hope you seen wayesuloaded demo?, how does it looks?, is it that fresh now with stylish design?. If wayesuloaded is good in look then try to view it from your computer to see more.

It's more stylish than pagalworld it self, you can use default pagalworld template which am going to drop below and redesign your site too.

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I will give you advice on how to make some changes in several ways to make your site looks very responsive.

To install this template follow below steps with some little images.


To install theme css style visit and login to panel mode then locate Css Theme and click on it and go to footer of that page and click on add new with editor like you see in the below image and paste below code then hit on save.

After you saved your theme css then go back to admin panel mode.


Normally wapkiz body page which is default is known as site-o.html to add body or homepage code to your site follow below steps

  Hope you already in admin panel mode?, ok then locate Manage Page and click on it, then find site-0.html and click on it and add below code as your home page code

After you added that code see view first,  it will be like below screenshot, the  again back to manage page .

3- Header Code

To add header code to your site make sure you are at panel mode also in manage page then click on site--1.html and paste below code as your header code then save and back to manage page again.

4- Footer Code

To add your pagalworld footer code to your site, hope you are at manage page so click on site--2.html and paste below code as your footer code.

Now you have successfully install pagalworld template on your site, to add other items to your blog I still have many codes to give you, follow below steps now to complete manual installation of pagalworld theme on your site

Most of codes are automatic codes while others are manually created.

5- Download Page Code

Having homepage without download page is nothing than wahala. if you have another page name site-download use below code and paste it on that page to allow users to download music or video directly from your site.

If you didn't create one try to create it first then add above code then see demo.

6- More Updates Page Code

More updates page allow users to see more files you uploaded to your site, also more updates page have paging code and jump code.

Conclusion: I give you this template in detail you can customize it the way you like.

Note: desktop view of pagalworld wapkiz site is not full screen, you can adjust it .\

See live demo.

Take advantage of this template and design attractive seo ready, user friendly, pc ready mobile friendly site.

All changes you can make them in theme css if you wan't adjust your template and change colors and other changes.

I hope you like this post, if yes let me know. Drop your comment if you find any error in the template.

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