April 17, 2019

7 Best Screen Recorder Apps 2019

Image Source: AZ Screen Recorder

7 Best Screen Recorder Apps 2019

There are many android screen recorder apps available to download if you visit google playstore or you google them or bing them but annoying thing I don't like from some of them is crash or unable to save video and other common probs of many android screen recorder apps.

I like taking video of my phone while using it, some times am using it to create video tutorials, gaming videos and other important videos I want share.

But how can I capture those videos without screen recorder?, there is no way. I find 7 best screen recorder apps that works smoothly on android device hope you will install one of them and enjoy it's features.

Note: all apps I provided in this website most of them are paid while 80% of them are free to use.               

Me too I don't like long writing, so without spending dime of time let me drop them below choose one that suite your needs and download it.

I viewed and test many android screen recorder apps on playstore and pick those 7 out of all.

1-  AZ Screen Recorder :

AZ is best and most popular screen recorder app to record screen of your android phone, unlike other screen recorder apps AZ does not require root access to install and run it on your android device, With AZ screen recorder app you can create HD and Full HD video with it, with AZ no time limit for your recording also it's free to use but contain ads.

Another great feature of this app you can pause and resume recording your phone screen, you can record audio with mic of your phone and it's directly mixed with your video. Some of features of this app include: Countdown time, draw on screen, trim videos, live stream and lots more features like water mark removal and others.

Also it support this languages but English is automatic: Spanish, Arabic, German, Korean, Portuguese and french.

Required android: 5.1.1 to up

2- Mobizen Screen Recorder:

Mobizen screen recorder app is the most easy to use screen recorder app, it user friendly also convenient screen recorder that allows you to record, capture and edit your recorded videos.

This app like AZ allow you to: record clear video without water mark, record full HD recording with 1080p Resolution 12.0mbps quality, capture game sound and with your voice with face cam.

Also it allows you to trim, cut your video and even images. It's free to use and easy to use, but support android version 5.0 to up .

3- Google Play Games:

Hi you got it, Google play games is not developed to only maintain your gaming profiles, it's bigger than you thought, it has build in screen recording function. Most of android phones have google play games installed automatically.

Not just games you can record anything you wish to. Use google play games app to create personalized videos, record games or do anything.

But it record only 720p and 480p.
It's free to use also compatible with many android device versions

                                               INSTALL IT FROM PLAYSTORE

4- Super Screen Recorder:

Yes it's another great screen recorder app that allows you to record video games, educational videos and take screenshot too.

It's free to use also support watermark removal, no root required, no record time limit.

This app support video editing and let you record high quality videos, full HD recording with 1080p, 12mbps, 60fps. Also it support many resolutions such as frame rates and bit rates.

Some other feature of this app which makes it favorable include: Pause and resume while recording, Face cam recorder, support portrait like landscape, Show touches, watermark removal, brush tool, merge videos, GIF maker.

I love this app so much because it has many features available also at free.


5- One Shot Screen Recorder:

One shot screen recorder is one of them smartest screen recorder that works beyond your expectations, I used it it's too favorable. but this app is not free if you want use all it's features you must upgrade to premium version.

Also in free mode of this app it's recorded video contain watermarks while in premium version it contains none of it, there are many features that this app offer, just download it and install then purchase it's premium version.


6- REC Screen Recorder:

Just like how fingers of our hands are not equal, we peoples are not equal. If you are using old android (4.4) and looking for android recorder app which is compatible with your device you come to right place, REC support your android version but required root access, first you must root your device in order to let REC do it's magic.

REC will work on android 5.0 without root.

You can record video of more than an hour without sitting in front of your computer wasting time, just shake your phone or screen off your smartphone to command rec to stop recording.

This app require have pro version and free version,  you are advised to purchase pro version if you want enjoy full features of this app.

Some of pro version highlights include: longer screen recording with audio, audio recording via them mic, a beautiful user interface, save your favorite configuration as preset and others.


7- Vysor :

Is another screen recorder app that lets you view your android app on your computer, you can control your device with help of mouse and keyboard. This app has favorable feature to love.

It allows you to play your favorite games on your computer while controlling the android with mouse and keyboard, it also lets you share your screen to others for remote access. This app is not free if you are looking for and HD capturing app.


Conclusion: Selecting one out of those 6 screen recorder apps may be knot for you, comparing your need with the features provided by apps would help you choose right one.

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NOTE: we are not promoting any of the above apps and provided links we just do it for you guys.

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