March 31, 2019

How To Submit BlogSpot Sitemap To Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex 2019

Ultimate Guide With (Images) On How To Submit BlogSpot Sitemap To Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex 2019

submit blogger site to google

Do you own a BlogSpot Blog?, if yes continue reading this tutorial if not read how to start a blog on blogger first then learn how to submit your BlogSpot site to google, yahoo, bing and yandex.

Hi welcome to to you all my friends.

If you had just start your blogging career as beginner you will not know how search engine  works and how to submit your site to google, yahoo, bing and yandex, but with help of this tutorial you will learn how to do it. To get your website visible in search result you need to  do some common things first, submit site to any search engine is free no need of making any  payment, just free and easy work to do.

To know how search engine works first read what is webmaster tools and sitemap then I will  guide you to submit your site and it's sitemap to those 4 search engines which today they are popular ones and top ones.

Google search engine become world's top and most used search engine follow by bing & yahoo then yandex.

Benefit Of Submitting  BlogSpot Sitemap To Google, Bing, Yahoo & Yandex

Benefit of submitting BlogSpot sitemap to google, bing or any other search engine is to derive  traffic to your blog, that traffic is known as organic traffic which every blogger love to see it's increasing in his blog.

 Google Search Engine and Other Search Engines Webmaster Tools

Is a free tool which many search engines offered to bloggers and other website owners to help them display their site in search result through indexing and crawling site content. Also this tool will help you increase crawling rate of your blog and give you many information on what is your blog performance, stats, from where visitors coming to your blog, error report and other important info.

First task to do is by submitting your site to google search console, bing and yandex then follow by adding sitemap to your site.

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What Is Sitemap

Hi friend I think you know what is map, so sitemap is map of your blog or website, 

Important of sitemap in your blog is to help crawlers go around site and crawl all site's content and save it in their database. Usually sitemap consist of all  post urls, pages urls and other urls of blog. A sitemap is either XML file or HTML file inside blog root.

I think you will be confused because of HTML sitemap and XML sitemap. XML sitemap is  default sitemap which is automatic sitemap while HTML sitemap is one which you created it yourself but both HTML and XML sitemap work same way and same capacity.

Hope you know little bit on sitemap's important and what is it, so let us go to next level.

I don't like specifying any search engine in this tutorial but I will do them step by step one by one, first is google follow by bing/yahoo and yandex.

1- Google
2- Bing & Yahoo
3- Yandex

Above three numbered search engines are what I am hoping to covered right now in this post so need to go for learning other tutorial on other search engines right now.
BlogSpot Seo Secret Tips Tricks and Codes Every Blogger Should Know

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap and Static Pages To Google Search Console

If I done correct guess you learn what is sitemap and how it works okay. below is complete process you have to follow and submit you BlogSpot Blog sitemap, it's posts {articles} and static pages to google search console easily in simple language with understandable explanation.

NOTE: old google search console is closed to expire so  am using new search console while writing this tutorial.⧭

             Submit Your Blog and Sitemap To Search Console

To strike all this easy thing follow below step:-

1- Sign in to google search console with your blog email address, you can use any kind of email you have but BlogSpot sites are automatically verified by google search just like Wordpress. If you sign it to google search console dashboard add your site by click on "add property" button submit your site and  Url but make sure you add right Url.

add property google

2- Next step is by selecting your blog's Url type then choose prepared one and enter his address like you see in the below image

add blog to blogger

3-  In the above image advisably for BlogSpot blog owners I recommend "URL PREFIX" them. After you add your site address click on "continue" button
4-  Another step is to verify your site if it's not verified automatically use meta tag method or other method to verify your site
5- Then add your blog sitemap in search console dashboard, click on "Sitemaps" and paste below code


Above code is what you have to add in provided text field, but it's limited for only 500 posts, that means search engine crawlers will crawl only 500 posts of your blog hope you understand me.

6- Final step is to refresh the page and see your sitemap is crawled by google crawlers so it's under indexing process, your refreshed page will look like below mini image.

Congratulations you have successfully submit your blog site and it's sitemap to google search engine, your site's content will start appearing in search result after google bots crawl and indexed your site contents.


Another problem many bloggers kept asking in many tutorial blogs "my site content is more than  500 it's 1000, 1500, 2000 or 4000 what is the solution bro?". 

Today I come with solution to you dear bloggers, if your blog content reached 500 and is around 700 to 1000 add another sitemap to google search console to tell google search bots and crawlers to index your another blog content. Use below sitemap blog with posts not more than 1000


Above sitemap code is for blogs with posts more than 500.

If your blog published posts are more than 1000 they are around 1,500 also add below sitemap  again


Then continue adding sitemaps from 1,500 up to 5,000.

NOTE: crawlers have ability to crawl sitemap which is not more than 50 megabyte, so be careful with your site's sitemap.

I finished with submitting BlogSpot blog and it's sitemap to google, then next thing is  submitting BlogSpot blog static pages to google search console.

How To Submit BlogSpot Static Pages Sitemap To Google

Hope you already create static pages on your blog?, if not create them then add them, static pages are about page, contact, privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of use and other pages.

Submitting those pages to search console will help search bots to search crawl them and index them easily.

Follow below steps to do it:- 

1- Go to google search console (webmaster tools} and sign in, if you already done it good.
2- Choose your blog
3- Then click on sitemaps from like you see in the below image

4- Enter your pages sitemap page like you see in the above image. Just add default blogspot pages sitemap to that provided text filed, here is default pages sitemap for blogspot blog 

Submit pages to search console you can follow same way to submit your pages sitemap to bing/yahoo and yandex.

Choose Which Pages and Posts Your Want Google and Other Search Engines To Crawl

Instead of adding disallow: pages in your blog sitemap already offered default method to stop search bots from crawling and indexing pages and posts easily, all you have to do is some settings while writing your blog pages.

While writing blog pages in blogger editor go to page settings, just where you are adding  labels i writing post and click custom robots tags then tick on noindex like you see in the below image.

No index blogspot

Using above settings you can disallow search bots from indexing that page without using any bot disallow method which will consume time.

Also those pages that you marked as noindex pages will be recorded in google search console database but and you sitemap file but search bots will not index them.

I covered how to submit BlogSpot blog, sitemap and pages to google search console then next is bing which is integrated with yahoo

If you submit your blog to bing webmaster tools your website will be visible to many local search engines too, while yahoo and bing are like twins, if I search Abba Abdullahi CEO of Seniorsweb on yahoo it will display my info while bing will do same as what yahoo done.

Don't forgt to add BlogSpot custom robots header tag txt after you enable it

How To Submit BlogSpot Blog, Sitemap and Static Pages To Bing

Submitting blogspot blog to bing and yahoo is to increase traffic of your blog just like you done to google. Most of bloggers are doing a mistake by refusing to submit their blogs to other search engines after google. If your dream is to get over 100k daily pageviews to you blog I think you will not refuse to submit your blog to bing and yahoo.

To get started follow below steps:-

1- visit bing webmaster tools page and sign using your gmail account or facebook if you own microsoft account you can sign in with it too.

bing webmaster page

2- After you successfully sign in to bing webmaster tools dashboard below my sites heading add your site address and click on ADD button
3- new window will open so enter above sitemap I dropped just like google and fill registration form and click on SAVE button at the end of the page.

Note: bing webmaster dashboard you  must provide full path of your sitemap include your blog address

4- Next step is to verify ownership of your blog, bing verification method is simple just copy meta tag code and post it below head tag of your blog, if you fail to find it press CTRL+F in your computer keyboard search box will appear inside your blog template, paste <head> in search box and click on ENTER  search result will appear so find right place inside that head tag and paste your verification code and save your template. Then go back to bing webmaster tools dashboard and click on Verify button.

Now you have successfully submit your blog site and sitemap to bing webmaster tools, within 3 days you will start receiving traffic with bing.

Also another great feature of bing webmaster tools: you can optimize your website for seo check ups if there is problem they will show you after you complete seo optimization.

Good Luck you can submit your blog sitemap to bing right now, just forget about yahoo like I said Earlier yahoo is integrated with bing so you don't have to worry about yahoo.

       How To Submit Blogspot Static Page To Bing

I am sure you learned how to submit blogspot static pages sitemap to google search console, then follow the same procedure and submit your static pages sitemap to bing too.

Okay let us go to next level again, next level, submit blogspot blog to YANDEX 2019

How To Submit BlogSpot Blog, Sitemap and Static Pages To Yandex 2019

Submitting blogspot blog to bing is to increase blog traffic and regular visitors, just like google and other search engines you will receive traffic to your site tooo, also yandex work same way.

To Get Started Follow Below Steps:-

1-  Visit yandex webmaster tools home page , login page is whee you will landed if you click that link, then use your gmail account, facebook, twitter or register at yandex webmaster tools home page. if you own a gmail account, fb account or twitter registration is very easy.

2- After you register or login using gmail or social media account yandex dashboard will be like below image enter your blog address in provided text field and click on Add button

3- Then copy yandex meta tag code and paste it in head tag of your blog template and save, open yandex window and  click on check button 
4- After you verified your yandex site then click on your site new drop down menu will appear under indexing click on sitemap files and add your blog sitemap at the end click on ADD.

You have successfully submit your blogspot blog and it's sitemap to yandex, other settings like expired url checkup  and other optimization you can do it.

Adding Static Pages Sitemap to yandex is easy just add another sitemap to yandex like and click on check button, easy as reading this post.

Writing this kind of mini post is easy but teaching you what I wanna teach you is harder than writing it. I hope this post is helpful to you, if you have any problem you can drop your comment, don't forget to subscribe to our email Newslater to receive MY latest updates weekly.

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INFO: Hi dear men and women am young Nigerian blogger with total difference also SSCE Graduate, some grammer errors may be you will find in this post am really sorry for it, if you find any error please don't pretend like you didn't see anything wrong try to drop your comment based on that mistake you see, I will make correction.


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