March 01, 2019

How To Get Google Index Your New Website Quickly

Ultimate Guide On How To Get Google Index Your Website Faster Than You Expect

ultimate guide on how to get google index your new site quickly

As a new to search engine optimization there are many problem you will face especially when it come to indexing and crawling your website by google search engine, especially if you are running blog or website which is not running under wordpress host, where wordpress blogs and website are  automatically added to searh engine

Also blogs and websites that are running under blogger are automatically added and verified by google, once you create it you will be able to see it in  search result, but with your website address you can find it.

What of those who host their websites from their servers or somebody servers?, this means their website will not be indexed by google easily?, eh but big NO they will be indexed quickly by google if their owners knows little bit on  SEO .

Ooops you submitted your blog since last month and still no news from google search console, really sorry to you 4 this bad experience you have .

I heard many complaints from new websites owners about why google didn't crawl their site?. Based on my understanding: problem is from them, why can't them search on google, bing or yahoo about their problems instead of complaining in forums and groups?, that means they are the ones who invite that problem to their site, yes it's true.

Weather you are using wordpress, joomla, drupal, blogger or any host chance of get google index all your website content and pages is in your hands you are the one to manage it.

Assuming you already add your website to google search console and you add sitemap too but you didn't see any organic traffic development in you site, what will ya do?, stay and complain?, no find solution yourself now.
How To Start a Blog On Blogger
When you submit your new website to search engine they will index and crawl your website. When a single keyword used by  you is searched, google have a software called google bot that is roaming in web pages and contents from blogs and websites them. Finally display accurate result to reader.

How does this gonna be hapen?, if you became careless with your website seo?. There is no way, to get that huge traffic to your blog, advisably work hard to build strons traffic to your blog..

Definition By Terms
■ Google Bot
■ Indexing
■ Crawling

Google bot: is a search bot software thay google sends out to collect and gather information from information on web page and add it to google searchable index display a reader accurate result from millions of websites and blog.

Crawling: is the process where google bots goes around from site to site, finding new information and to report b back to google. Google bots are finding what to crawl by links.

Indexing : indexing is the process where Indexing is the processing of information gathered by the Google bot from its crawling activities. Once documents are processed they are added to Google searchable index if they are determined to be quality content. During the indexing process Google bot processes the keywords on the page and where those words are

I hope you are familiar with google bot, crawling and indexing?.

How To Get Your Website Indexed By Search Engine

There are some common things to do before getting your website indexed and crawled by search engine, but do one of the following things you will get success.

1-  Create Sitemap
 Creating sitemap to your blog or website is important during indexing and crawling your web pages, google bots follow sitemap to index and crawl all website content.
But adding sitemap to website is important thing you must do after adding your website to google search console.

Based on many platforms they have their website sitemaps, they know how to deal with it, most popular sitemaps that we are using is then one m gonna drop  below for blogger and others.

Wordpress website owners you can add Yoast Plugin to your site, that plugin will automatically create sitemap of your website and it's most popular seo used plugin in wordpress.

2- Did you add your website to google search console?. IF NOT kindly submit your website to all those top search engines and submit sitemap too.

Bing sitemap and google sitemap is the same as the above one I dropped, you can use it.

3- Google search console ( google webmaster tools) give you all tools you need to optimise your website and see it's performance. You can use fetch as google tool to submit your new posts to google for fast indexing.

When you write a post and wait for google to index it, it  will take time before google bot index your new posts, but you can do it manually by submitting your new post url to fetch as google and fetch it. this will help your website and it's content to be indexed  quickly.

But sadly google announced on fech as google dashboard "fetch as google" will he unavailable after march 4, 2019. But happy notice they dropped is quite good solution to webmasters but check and see it your self.

5- Optimise your website with pingdom tools to see wheather you need to work on your website,how does your website pages load, do they load faster or slower?, all those answers you will find them on pingdom website.

No body likes visiting website with pages that load slower, you can optimise your page scrips and others setups, also google bots likes indeding  websites wich their pages load faster.

Means you must work on your page script, css, html and other contents of it.

But don't worry if you just find template and upload it to your blog. Change it with new one which all his scripts loads faster.

Chance of getting your new website indexed by google bots is in your hands, your are the ine to solve those problems and build backlinks on your website.

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