March 23, 2019

4 Best Ways To Hack Facebook Account and Protect Your Self Against It

Four (4) Common and Easiest Ways To Hack Facebook Account 2019 

When it come to how to hack facebook account 2019 or any year is what most of you guys searching on google, bing, yahooyandex and other search engines but shame on you guys you don't care to search how to protect/secure your facebook account against hackers, you just love to hack but don't bother to take care of you own accounts hm.

I seen there are many website available that claim they are hacking facebook account online but me I tried most of them but didn't get any good result from them. Also when you take a look at some websites they are posting about how to hack facebook account 2019 without any programming knowledge I didn't recommend any of them to you, I didn't trust them they are redirecting users to play games online or download useless app and at the end no password and email.

There are many ways also working ones to hack facebook account but let me introduce what word "HACKING" means and continue from where I stop.


Hacking is identifying weekness in computer systems or networks to exploit it's weakness to gain access to passwords or personal information. Example of hacking: using password cracking algorithm to gain access to system.

You just hear hacking hacking hacking but you don't know what is hacking it self and how to be a hacker or who is hacker himself and classification of hackers, okay check this link to know types of hackers according to wikipedia

Okay mr facebook hacker in this post i will show you 2 to 3 to 4 simplest ways to hack any facebook account but which don't have enough security, yes truth to be told.

NOTE: This post is for educational purpose only, seniorsweb is not responsible for any misuse of knowledge

1Hack Facebook Account Using Keylogger 

Keylogger:  Is a computer program that records every stroke made by computer user, especially in order to gain fraudulent access to passwords and other confidential information.

There are many keylogger application for android device and also for pc devices too.

Keylogger like I stated above is a program that records every stroke my by computer or an android device .

Here is list of 4 keylogger that works on android device you can check them and download them also they are free to use without making any payment to use them.

1- Hackers Keylogger Android
2- ikey monitor
3- Shadow Kid's Key Logger
4  Hover Watch

Above 4 key loggers are sofware key loggers which hackers create them to help script kiddies like u to hack facebook accounts easily, also they are working on android phones, there are many of them free like the ones I listed above also if you check playstore you will find many other key loggers available to download.

Software keyloggers are malwares installed on computer system using USB device, i will not drop list of any software keylogger in this post but i will show you how to create your own keylogger using batch hacking technique.

How TO Create Your Own Keylogger On Pc

Batch hacking is not that modern way to hack passwords and emails but here is a batch file that is working as keylogger and saving all personal information like passwords, emails, phone numbers used on facebook.

important of this batch keylogger file is to hack any facebook account log on to computer system, but you can't use it to hack facebook on other computers only works on your computer.

How To Install
* Downlaod batch kelogger from this link
* open it with notepad and create folder in your system's C drive like Senorsweb_2019
* move that bat file to your C folder

After you do all above three steps close that folder and open any browser you have to test it, login to your facebook account if you didn't logged in, if you already logged in logout and delete it from your computer and login again.

To test it, close your browser window after you logged in then go to your C drive and open folder which you paste your bat file, you will see your facebook username and password as text document.

By using this bat file keylogger you can hack anybody's facebook account but who login on your system.

This bat facebook keylogging hacking is mostly used in companies that have employees to see weather they are trusted employees or cheating ones, you can use it now

NOTE: That this post is for educaational purpose only, seniorsweb is not responsible for any misuse of knowledge

How To Protect Your Self Against Keylogging Hacking Technique

To protect your self against this hacking technique don't do what am going to list below
1- Don't login in any phone or computer which you didn't trust
2- If you own a computer system or android always check installed softwares or apps on your device , if you find any other apps that you don't installed it yourself just uninstalled it from your device
3- We are sharing fies via xender, flash share and other file sharing apps or softwares don't send app that you don't know what is it to your phone, because hackers use android malware apps or pc malware softwares to hack our account and even steal credits and personal info.

2- How To Hack Facebook Account With Termux Using Brute Force Attack

Termux: is an android terminal and linux environment application that works directly with no rooting or setup required.

Brute Force Attack: is a trail-and-error method used to obtain information such as a password or personal identification number (PIN). Ina brute force attack, automated software is used to generate a large number of consecutive guesses as to the value f the desired data. Brute force attach may be used by criminals to crack ecncrypted data, or by security analysts to test an organization's network security.
Source: Wikipedia

To hack any facebook account with termux using brute force attack there are common steps to follow in order to succeded.

Follow below steps to istall termux on android phone

But before installing termux on any android phone make sure your android is version 5.0 and up.

Things you need 
* Install latest version of termux from playstore
* Install hacker keyboard which has CTRL and ESC in it you can get it from playstore
* Install F-Droid from playstore also

Termux Setup After Installation

There are many setups and basic termux command you need to know right now, follow below steps to setup your termux app on your phone

* use the following command to update your termux
 apt update

* to configure editor on your termux use below command
apt EDITOR=vi 

* to add new oft source use below command
deb [arch=all,arm] stable main

Note: if your android is not arm cpu, the contents of the above [ ] will be different.

* To enable https use below command
apt install apt-transport-https

There are many apps we need when setup our termux app on android phone, also to know how to use apt in termux  click on help in termux app (just long press in termux terminal window will bring menu), we can also use apt command to install apps on termux.

* To see available apps use below command
apt list

* To install phyton use below command
apt install python

* To see installed apps on your termux app  use below command

apt list-installed

* Finally to remove/uninstall phyton from termux use below command
apt remove python

You have successfully installed termux on android phone, so let us move forward and learn how to hack any facebook account using brute force in termux.

To hack facebook account with termux on android phone follow below steps and test what is real.

* Open your termux installed app
* we will update python code to hack fb account using termux

How To Protect Your Self From Being Hcked With Termux Using Brute Force Attack

To protect your facebook account from being hacked using with termux using brute force attack always use strong password, if you don't know how to create strong password read this article on how to secure your facebook account against hackers or use strong password generator to generate strong password for your facebook account 2019. But advisably read this guide on how to secure your facebook account against hackers all what you need to know is inside it.

I don't like facebook usr who don't care to protect his facebook account against hackers, seriously I don't like him, to not be a victim kindly read it now and educate your self.

3- Hack Facebook Account With Social Engineering Skills

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating users of computing system into revealing confidential information to gain access to a computer system.

We are not talking on how to hack computer system, but social engineering is just like that act of guessing someone password if you are luck enough you can gain access to his/her facebook account in no time.

Social engineering works on many facebook accounts that don't have enough security.

There are many peoples that uses facebook and other website but don't know what is web security and how to secure their accounts against any kind technique.

There are many facebook account that will be hacked and also hacked using common social engineering method, do you wan't know how those hackers hack facebook account using social engineering attack?, ok let me introduce how those hackers hack your facebook accounts using this method.

How Hackers Hack Facebook Account With Social Engineering

First: a hacker who want hack your facebook account will send you friend request, and even chat with you using his real facebook account, may be he will ask about some details on you if you give him he will save them.
After that then he will check your facebook account and see all your activites, who is your loved ones, what you like, from where are  you and other personal info like email and phone numbers.

Second: then attacker will logout from his facebook account and delete his own from his phone then use he will take your email address which you leave it for your friends to contact you, or your phone number and try to sign in to your facebook account using all your details he got from you.

If he succedded in his attempt then he is lucky if not then he will try to use forgotten password method to hack your facebook account. From where facebook will send you confirmation code the attacker will choose sign in using different method and try to enter all your details .

Some times attackers use this method to hack facebook account, but to secure your facebook account against this kind of hacking technique we will write post about it later.

Finally social engineering is the act of guessing password or manipulating user to reveal his password and other info.

Chance of hacking unsecured facebook account with social engineering is 100% working and waiting for you.

Good Luck
NOTE: this post is for educational purpose you can use it to recover your lost facebook password, any misuse of knowledge is not responsible for it\.

4- Hack Facebook Account {MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACK} 2019

This process of hacking facebook account mostly is using WI-FI network, to do this kind of attack you need to have acceess to your target, when you are close to them, you can try to create fake WI-FI network. If you can successfully get them to do this, yeah you can get access to their login credentials if they try to access any kind of website on your network. Not only facebook including email, gmail, and other additional info.

To carry out this method you must have purchase a WI-FI network tool to help set-up your own network, some coding knowledge also help in this method.

To perform man in the middle attack you must have working pc with stabke internet connection.

Read all important things to do here before hacking many fb account and other info.

NOTE: that seniorsweb is not responsible for any misuse of knowledge, this post is for educatiinal purpose only.

How To Protect Your Self Against This Hacking Technique

to protect your self against this kind of hacking technique don't join all those city free WI-FI, forget about them and buy real data an browse internet.

That is only single way to protect your self against this kind of attack hope you will take note about it.

To learn how to hack and protect your self against any kind of hacking technique always visit we are always free to help you, if you face any difficulties kindly drop your comment here we will try our best to solve all your issues.

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